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Brought to you by our participants, each item is made with love!




Our participants have been working hard building a variety of birdhouses for Spring!

Checkout our latest, Eastern Bluebird House, with clean out door, made from cedar.

We are selling the birdhouses for $15.00 each. If you are interested in purchasing please call us (920) 627-6847.



Looking for a different type of Bird Feeder? Check out our Wine Bottle Bird Feeder!

Made by the participants at The Gathering Place, only $25.00!

If you’re interested in purchasing please contact us at (920) 627-6847.

Spring is back! And so are the Birds! We have Cedar Orange Feeders and Jelly Feeders for the Orioles.

$10.00 Cedar Orange Feeder
$15.00 Jelly Feeder

All Feeders were made by the participants of The Gathering Place. Please contact (920) 627-6847, if you are interested in purchasing.